15 Greatest Star Wars Video Games Ever

• From using the force to defeat the bad guys to flying in iconic ships, we count 15 of the best Star Wars games of all time. 15 – The Force Unleashed, • This game doesn’t have the best level design, it doesn’t have a good story and honestly I don’t feel like it fits properly into the star wars universe. • However, with that said: you really feel like you control the force in a way similar to the movies, which makes it worth playing for just about any Star Wars fan or just someone who wants to be psychic knight bashing up droids.

• Just keep in mind there’s more quick time events than is necessary, you may find yourself hating cutscenes more than you hate the special-snowflake that is the main character, I mean his name is Starkiller, you can’t get much more Mary Sue than that. 14 – Shadows of the Empire, • Shadows of the Empire is almost the opposite of The Force Unleashed, the gameplay is clunky and hinders the experience, however, it does share one similarity in that the level design is also pretty damn terrible. • The narrative is where Shadows really shines, with an original story that will pull you through the game to the end. • With that said you might be better off just watching the cutscenes on YouTube instead of dragging yourself through the atrocity to the concept of fun that is Shadow’s ‘gameplay’. 13 – LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, • While this is a kids game that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth playing, the gameplay and collecting can and will get old very quick but the humour, the relaxing nature of the game and a compulsion to get everything will keep you playing. • This game will also pull you in if you love studs, no not a hunk of raunchy man-meat but instead a piece of Lego that allows you to unlock items and characters so you can collect more studs to unlock more things to collect more studs.

12 –Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, • While this isn’t even the best flight sim that Lucas Arts has to offer it’s still a fun game fully worth playing if you feel like flying with ships from the prequels and while I’m not the biggest fan of the prequels, to say the least, they still offer some cool looking spacecraft. • Something I’ve neglected to mention earlier is that the sound design is a big part of what makes a Star Wars game feel right and Jedi Starfighter nails the sound execution, but then so does most of the games here. • Ultimately this game is for people who’ve played the other flight-sims too much and for some weird reason is sick of TIE-Fighters and X-Wings. 11 – Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, • The best, hardest and most rewarding of the SNES Super Star Wars series, with some fun force powers, a password save system and great looking 16-bit graphics this game holds up very well. • The main two downfalls would be the hidden force powers and the loose connection to the movies, if you didn’t have to find the force powers and instead gained them in a more logical fashion the game would be much improved. • If you want to play Super Empire you just have to buy it on the Wii store on virtual console, or you could be totally unscrupulous and obtain it through more dastardly means.

• 10 – Empire at War + Forces of Corruption Expansion, • Empire at War really grew into a great game with the expansion pack, sure it’s not the most difficult of games but it’s still fun to play at online casino bonus canada with enough of a challenge to keep you hooked. • There are three factions to play as, each of them feel unique and none feel underpowered enough for you to avoid playing them. • With that said, playing as the empire is the objective best faction since you actually get to fire the Death Star at your foes whilst cackling like a maniac that perhaps confused the dark side of the force with heroin.

9 – Bounty Hunter, • Everyone loves Boba Fett even people that don’t like him, they just don’t want to admit they have dreams that confuse what they believed about their sexuality. • Anyway, if you want to play as Boba Fett and do things like he does in the movies you’re in luck because this game is made for you, as long as you don’t mind playing as Jango Fett instead, but let’s be honest, they’re the same goddamn person. • You get a bunch of different weapons, a jet pack and you don’t just shoot everyone willy-nilly, instead you have to choose your targets carefully in order to avoid citizens and wasting precious ammo. 8 – X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, • The best space-sim for multiplayer made in the Star Wars universe is nothing to shake your head at, even if the title is dubiously long, because if you like Star Wars and you want to play a game in that universe with friends this game fits that bill very well. • That is as long as you don’t mind graphics from 1997, but really, who gives a toss about graphics as long as they capture the Star Wars atmosphere, which they did do and they did it well.

• You can even still buy this game from GOG and it will almost certainly run on your computer made from parts almost two-decades later and if you’re anything like me you’re now depressed that 1997 is almost two-decades ago. 7 – Knights of the Old Republic, • Some people will get angry that this game is number seven instead of number one, but I think when you finish this video you’ll understand my point of view. • Even still this game should be played by any Star Wars fan, even if they’re not that into video games because it gives a great story and a new look into the universe whilst still keeping the Star Wars intact.

• If you haven’t played the game you should do so before reading any comments about the game because there’s some things you don’t want spoiled, just keep in mind the combat is serviceable at best. 6 – Republic Commando, • Short and sweet, this sums up Republic Commando pretty damn well, it’s a brilliant game that shouldn’t cost you too much to pick up these days and it’s a fun and emotional experience that no Star Wars fan should miss out on. • The best way to describe this game is Halo meets Ghost Recon, which is either a deterant or a positive depending on your gaming tastes, for me it was a great experience I’d recommend to just about anyone who did or didn’t ask. 5 – Battlefront, • Ah the Battlefront series, how I played you to death back in the day, maybe it’s nostalgia but I vastly prefer the first game to the second: playing as a Jedi just wasn’t that fun, you’re far too over powered. • Like all good Star Wars games it gives you the opportunity to be either Empire, the bad guys, or the Rebels, the good guys. • You’ll want to play this game with friends that don’t have a sideways finger up their rectum about graphics, because this game is best enjoyed in multiplayer.

4 – Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, • Whoa, a game with two whole mentions of the word ‘Jedi’ you just know you’re going to be using the force ‘n’ shit to kill baddies and receive copulation as a reward… • Well actually there’s no sexual intercourse, but there most certainly is force and light-sabre wielding used to punish the bad guys. • The combat is where this game shines, with jumping around and flipping like Yoda on cocaine you simply can’t go wrong. 3 – Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader, • The pinnacle of the space/flight sims in the Star Wars universe, unfortunately this game is rather hard to get your Cheeto-dust covered hands on since it was only made for GameCube and the extremely legitimate practice of emulation doesn’t work very well, if at all, with this game. • However, if you do manage to obtain this game you’re in for a blast and barrel roll experience of the utmost excellence with space zipping and blast zooping, it’s got it all. • The best part is that it’s one of the few games of its ilk that has an amazing singleplayer experience that would still be great if you removed the Star Wars badge.

2 – Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, • WipEout meets Star Wars with an extra helping of supersonic speeds and cursing in non-descript alien languages. • Easily one of my favourite N64 games, this game will leave you watching episode 1 and actually enjoying it, well at least the pod racing segment because damn is that shit fast. • There’s a bunch of great tracks, good controls, a large variety of podracers giving the game a bunch of replayability.

1 – Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords with Content Restored Mod • I usually try and avoid having more than one game series per countdown but this game, with the all fixing mod, blows any other Star Wars game out of the way with a story that deconstructs the entire universe without breaking it. • Not only that but there’s a lot more character building, giving the gameplay more variety. • Some might argue that shades of grey don’t belong in a Star Wars game, but I’d argue with ‘shut up’ because this game does it so well, every character feels like a living breathing person that is also not annoying like Carth or unreasonable like Bastila. • If you haven’t played this game you owe it to yourself, just make sure you get the mod or it falls short in a lot of ways.

Marvin Andrews