5 Tips on Selecting Business Name

We always strive to make the most use out of your read, every week we come up with 5 Tips of the Week to give you a little support on how to do different things. We try to find suitable topics to satisfy the need of several audiences at once, business owners who’ve been in the business for quite a while, people who are just about to open, marketers, analysts and researchers. Every week we have something different for you, it creates a great experience for us to find something suitable and interesting and for you to pick up new tips and trick.


This week we’ve decided to post 5 Tips on Selecting a Business Name, those techniques are not only made for selecting the business name, you can apply them to any creative name or brand name development.


Here we go, 5 Tips for Selecting Business Name:


  1. Don’t make it too complicated or too long! Complicated or long names are not recognized as user friendly and are very easy to skip and forget. You need something short, nice and memorable.
  2. Make it relative to your business, practice or tool. You have to make the name relative to what you do. Customer or users in general have to make the connection between what you are naming and the actual business, tool or product.
  3. For any future purposes, such as growth, brand development, and etc. you have to make sure that the name can be trademarked and is available for you. This move will secure you from battling in the future with the competition or anyone else who will want to take the name.
  4. When creating name think of the Internet. When developing a name remember that internet has a very big and significant role in our lives now, especially in the business life. Therefore, make your business name so that it can stand out and make sense about the product so that when someone sees it on the internet in search such as Google or Bing they can easily be reminded about the product.
  5. Make the name clean, quick and memorable! This is your only mission when it comes to creating a name for your business.


We truly believe that those techniques will help you select the best appropriate name for your business, service, product, website or any other entity of yours.


Marvin Andrews