Career Search – Clarify What Happens Next 2


You can’t be sure that this offer is the one you will accept and it isn’t even a firm offer until you have it in writing!

In conducting your post-interview analysis, ask yourself questions such as:

Were you asked questions that caught you by surprise?

Why did these questions surprise you?

Could you have answered some questions better?

How do you think you handled the non-verbal communication aspect?

What kind of rapport did you manage to establish with the interviewer?

This approach will also help you to cope better with interview rejections, as you will still see that you gained something positive from them. Even if you do accept this job offer, you will be better prepared to handle your next promotion!


Career Search – Write a Simple Thank You Letter

Following through with a thank you letter is a popular way of reminding the interviewer of your enthusiasm, although they may not even acknowledge the gesture.


The letter just needs to express how much you enjoyed the interview, appreciated their time and confirm your continued interest. It shows that you are keen and committed and that if offered the position you would be very likely to accept it. You may even benefit, for example if their first choice candidate turned them down. If you are seen as a keen candidate who will accept the job, it can only strengthen your position in relation to the other applicants.

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