Career Search – Clarify What Happens Next


Ensure that you create a positive impression at the end of the interview by clarifying what happens next.

The interviewer will make it clear when the interview is over. Remember, let them take the lead; stay seated until they stand up. However, you can start gathering your personal items together, to avoid any awkward pauses. Now is the time to create a positive impression, by using a parting shot that you have committed to memory. For example you could say something like “It has been a pleasure meeting you and finding out more about what you do here”.


Unless they have already made it clear it is important to clarify precisely what happens next – a further interview, psychological tests, a medical, etc. You also need to establish what timeframe they are working to. Without this information you will be left in limbo, not knowing what happens next, or if and when to approach them for an update.


Requesting this information not only helps you to prepare for the next phase but it also shows them that you are professional and organized; you are demonstrating precisely the sort of approach that they will value in new member of staff.


Key questions to ask include:

When will I hear from you?

How will I be informed – is it by a written formal offer?

Do you need any more information from me?

Is there anyone else I should speak to?


Career Search – Review Your Experience

You should always review your interview experience as soon as possible after the interview. This is even more valuable following an interview where you have been successful – in gaining a job offer. Treat every interview as a learning experience, so that you can continue refining and improving your performance.

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Marvin Andrews