HyperX Gaming House Tour

Hey guys. I’m Smoothie, support for Cloud 9 and this is our coach Reapered. And we’re here to visit the new house. – Why, hello there. – Hey guys, what is up? Welcome, welcome!

So this is our view room. We just moved in so it’s all brand new. We have a nice fireplace there. We have nice open staircase here.

We’ll probably put a bed under there if you play bad and put some curtains on the side. Here we have our team room. This is where we’re all gonna play in practice. We have a boy Shiro right here studying some season some season 4 VODs.

Complexity vs Cursed. I remember this game. We have blabberfishe’s desk right here. – My desk right here.

– The incognito tab open. The incognito tab. I really enjoy my privacy. Manage all you guys’ privacy, you know? We have Keith who is also watching some really talented VODs of imaqtpie. It’s really odd that we come in and everyone just watching VODs.

Really hard workers here at the academy house. Here’s our coach West Rice. Here’s our kitchen. Still pretty bare we don’t have much stuff.

I don’t know if we have anything in the fridge. – Wow! Look at that! – Would you look at that!

I know I can’t play League of Legends without my cold HyperX mouse pads. HyperX, dude! I’ll show you guys Keith’s room. So here’s Keith’s Kingdom.

He’s got some nice French doors. It’s beautiful! You just wake up to a nice garden in the back. back I’d be kind of scared of someone like just standing outside my window and I wake up I don’t know eh that’s just me yeah I guess I feel like that’s something you do repai just stand outside my door you didn’t play silent and screams today alright here’s the garage we’re gonna put a ping-pong table in here for now Grayson what what is this and then we have a bed please so it’s really nice sometimes you know any company but you’re just feeling kind of tired and you just you don’t want to play springs anymore it’s really close to the scream room you just rage quit to here you lay on the bed it’s really convenient actually and that’s pretty much it for the garage here’s our dining room we’ll probably play some carp card games as well it’s very low very low lamp yeah I’ll be done to play some board games under this alright so the first room on a lapis in my room Oh you’re hugging my boy muffins right now this is my room don’t really have it much in it right now it’s my bed and then a nice little bed stand and then this is the best part of my room is the bathroom that’s insane we go to the window we have a wave of guests stirring up his room it’s really nice if I’m ever like I don’t know taking up here something I can just look out the window see 20 minutes to really unique bonding experience that we have here it’s a continent culture you actually go and mow a closet through my bathroom so oh it’s a walk-in closet yeah closet from a baby don’t know what that is doing there but I have some shoes at the bottom and then just sort of clothes everywhere got my ball boy having same person okay hi Grayson so where we off to next we’re going to zazzles room now the closest for him to me why hello these a little Oh Tristan tell us about your room my main feature so far is the window you look to the right here you got a view directly into the beat room Gregory doesn’t oh wow that’s nice that’s really nice next room is shiro or vegas little gnome his mini names reading zero i really what are you reading – I see you two are I’m at a culture yeah why do you toothpicks my closet wait what but you even more toothpicks in here we’re closet Andy you’ve been there already yeah so this is gonna be blabber fish’s room and also it’s gonna be a shared room so we’re gonna have probably two maybe even three people in here it’s got a sink there’s glitter on the counter for some reason you can go ahead and touch it I’m not going to I don’t feel like getting Twitter you look really pretty right thank you on the other side of the room we have a bookshelf I think maybe a kid used to live here it’s actually a lot of books that I read growing up they have stuff like like mockingbird Ender’s Game some classics yeah that’s a nice classics in here so that’s it for the upstairs to show off the backyard here is our backyard we have a nice cute dog over here her name is aya we’ve like a little garden back here we have some lemon some limes and I don’t know what these are called they’re basically like grapefruits I do you know what they are oh yeah they’re like called pomelos Isis them a lot we kinda like grapefruits these are huge right so I’ll show you guys Keith’s room from the outside Keith and they’re just doing key things doing all right in there buddy he just did the one condom forever and looked away Hey all right thanks HyperX for coming and check out our house and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed this dog bye

Marvin Andrews